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Justin Andrews is a fitness coach, entrepreneur, and co-host of the super successful Podcast show, Mind Pump Radio. Justin and I jump into breaking down some popular fitness myths and share a mutual distaste for the shady tactics used in fitness marketing along with those selling quick fixes and preying on the ignorant.

Justin is a busy father of two, a self-proclaimed Star Wars geek, and has gone all in on his quest to help the masses get fit without all the bullshit. He, along with his co-hosts Sal and Adam, have spent the last three years building their brand and name as leaders in the fitness industry and their show has been described as Howard Stern meets fitness. Meaning they take a no holds barred approach to educating people on all things fitness and in my opinion, they do a damn good job.

What I really like about Justin is how down to earth he is and he “gets it” when it comes to the world of health and fitness. Like me, he’s not in it to just make a buck and is committed to his audience and actually helping them.¬† You can find his stuff at and the Podcast is definitely worth a listen.

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