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Excuses. We’ve all got them.

Coaching dads full-time for the last 7 years, I’ve heard it all. I get it, we’re busy. We have more sh*t to do than we have time and there seems to always be a reason not to take care of ourselves.
The problem, and what I have been teaching since day one, is that if we don’t take of ourselves first, we can’t take care of our families the best way possible. I believe that 100% because I’ve lived on both sides.

It’s obvious that we all want to be fit, lean, strong, and healthy. Who doesn’t? But we aren’t those things. Instead, we’re overweight, slow, exhausted, and weak.
And it’s because we’ve let excuses creep into our vocabularies and we’re settling for mediocrity. It has to stop.

Here are 10 things I’ve seen over the years that seem to be the biggest culprits for killing our gains:

  1. I have no time
  2. I have no energy
  3. I don’t know what to do
  4. I’m not seeing results fast enough and quit
  5. I have no motivation
  6. I can’t cut carbs
  7. I can’t give up alcohol
  8. I can’t stick to a routine
  9. I don’t know where to start
  10. I don’t want to give up all the foods I love

All of these are powerful excuses and some of us are using a number of them on a daily basis. Hopefully this episode helps you break free from them and allows you to get back after it and onto those gains!!! Join the tribe that cuts through the bullshit and let’s get to work!

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