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As a child of divorce and then being divorced myself, Larry Bilotta was someone I was very interested in talking with and he was gracious enough to spend an hour with me in our interview.

Larry is a marriage expert, coach and the founder of and has an interesting story in that he spent 27 years in a terrible marriage, one that was on the brink of divorce, and chose to find a solution to their marital problems instead of hanging it up.

He’s now been married for more than 40 years and helps men and women save their own marriages.

I prepared for this interview like any other and had a number of topics I wanted to talk with him about, but it didn’t quite work out that way.

Instead, we ended up doing sort of a deep dive on my own life and how my turbulent childhood and parents divorcing ultimately led to my own struggling marriage and subsequent divorce.

Larry said some things that hit me right between the eyes and I felt as though he knew exactly how my story was going to turn out before I even told him. When he started talking about how men often feel like the woman they married isn’t the same person that she once was, it was like he was reading my mind.

And when we spoke about how people with similar childhood struggles and trauma are attracted to each other and how we get our values from the first ten years of our lives, it just made so much sense. I was honestly blown away at how much all of what he was saying was accurate and had a few “a-ha” moments during our conversation.

This conversation went much deeper that what I’ve mentioned here and as a father and husband (or ex husband), this is one show you absolutely need to listen to.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why the first 10 years of our lives shape the rest of it
  • The main factor in what creates our own value systems
  • What “against energy” means and how to start controlling it
  • Why people with matching childhood trauma are attracted to one another
  • Why you feel like the woman you married isn’t the same person she once was
  • How acceptance, gratitude, and appreciation can affect every area of your life
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