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in 2010, I was working in finance, struggling in my marriage, and felt completely trapped and hopeless. It was a period in my life that I’ve learned a great deal from and over the past 9 years, have been able to leave a job I hated, turn my health around 180 degrees, and start my life over doing work I love.

In today’s show, I share why finding and pursuing your purpose and passion is so important and how I did it myself starting back in 2010 with nothing but a small blog called

It took years of learning, setbacks, struggles, and almost quitting many times before I was able to successfully launch my online fitness business, The Fit Dad Nation.

Aside from my divorce and subsequent custody battle, being an online entrepreneur has been the single most difficult thing I’ve ever done. Since launching the FDN in 2014, I’ve been on the brink of financial ruin several times, questioned my ability to lead a community of dads often, and spent many sleepless nights wondering if I was good enough to make it happen for myself.

But I chose this life and I wouldn’t change it for anything. And it kills me to see so many men struggling in their day to day lives. These men are grinding out their jobs, living for the weekends, and have little or no sense of purpose and fulfillment.

And it sucks.

It’s no way to live and it doesn’t need to be like this. I believe that anyone can take their experiences, knowledge, and skill sets and find or create work they love. And get paid well for it.

But many of you, like I was, are scared to leave the “safety” of a 9-5 job, a steady paycheck and health benefits. And rightfully so. It is scary as shit!

To become an entrepreneur, it takes commitment, a burning desire to pursue your passion, and a willingness to grind it out until you see results. Only this is a good type of grind; one that you can control and will pay dividends on your hard work.

Or not. You might fail and many do.

But take it from someone who spent more than a decade doing soul sucking work, life is far too short for that. Find what you love and make it your mission to create the life you want.

It can happen I promise.

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