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Back in August 2020, I set a goal for myself. I had added a bunch of fat weight from being a lazy ass and eating far too much and had had enough. So I committed to losing 20 pounds in 30 days and put the wheels in motion.

But before you write this off as some get ripped quick scam, I’ve manipulated my body weight many times over the last 25 years and can do it safely. I do not recommend that anyone else try to drop this much, this quickly.

Anywho, I’ve slowly regained all the weight I lost due to my elbow surgery and being out of commission for two months. Well that and letting my diet go to shit.

And I’ve had enough of feeling like crap so I decided to challenge myself. I am giving myself 60 days starting April 1 to get myself back into shape and get back to 180 lbs. from my current weight of 200.

Of course you don’t care about my goals, so I decided to make this a public challenge. Join me on my journey to getting my beach body back (or at least most of the way there), and I’ll show you how it’s done.

No crash diets, no marathon training session, no running (yay!), and no supplements. Just good ol’ fashioned hard work, consistency, and clean living.

There are no (legal) shortcuts to losing body fat the right way and over the next 60 days, you’ll follow a simple strength and conditioning program, an easy to follow nutrition guide, and be held accountable by me and the other men doing this challenge alongside you.

If you want to get in on this challenge and shed some weight before the pool officially opens, join us.

Head to FDNIC.COM where you can join the Fit Dad Nation Inner Circle and get your body back to where you want it.

If you don’t want to join us, no worries. Today’s show will tell you exactly what I did to get my butt back into shape and I’ll give you a hint; there isn’t a single “hack” involved.

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