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Martin Rooney is the founder of Training For Warriors as well as an internationally recognized speaker, trainer, author, and host of the popular podcast Into The Roar. I’ve read his Train To Win book at least four times and it’s definitely worth a read, whether you’re an athlete or not.

He’s also a father to 4 daughters and his list of accomplishments and accolades goes on for days and he’s one of the most well-known and respected coaches in the fitness business.

He’s worked with MMA fighters, athletes from the NFL, MLB, NHL, collegiate and Olympic athletes, and his TFW system has also been implemented by the Army Rangers and Army Airborne Division.

Martin was incredibly humble and his energy and passion were off the charts and he attributes it directly to doing work he loves. We ended up talking about finding our passions and pursuing them for a while and he and I have very similar mindsets when it comes to living your life with passion instead of what society thinks we should do. His point that there is nothing noble about sacrificing your personal happiness for the sake of providing for others hit the nail on the head and we talked about why this is costing so many men their lives.

We also spoke at length about the importance of the foundational things like proper sleep, good nutrition, movement, and living a healthy lifestyle. This is exactly what I teach in the Fit Dad Nation and we shared many similar thoughts on why many of the fancy supplements, fitness gadgets, and “diets” are largely unnecessary.

At 47, he’s in pretty sick shape and attributes it to his relentless consistency and how it’s one of the most important aspect of health and fitness; one that is often overlooked or skipped over altogether.

Martin and I talking about having a second follow up conversation, because there was so much we didn’t get to cover and this was one of the most thought provoking and content filled interviews I’ve done to date. Definitely worth a listen for all dads!

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