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Meredith Atwood is a mother of two and former attorney turned author, speaker, and 4X Ironman Triathlete. Her story prompted me to reach out to her because of what she’s been able to accomplish and how she chose to take action on pursuing her dreams. It inspired the hell out of me to be honest.

After reading her incredibly powerful story on, I knew I wanted to talk with her. And although this show is specifically for dads, her story is relatable to everyone who has ever struggled with their weight, confidence, or wanting more out of life but not knowing how to have it.

Meredith freely shares her struggles with her weight over the years and how a chance lunch meeting and innocuous comment from her CFO turned into the catalyst for her epic life change; a change that prompted her to quit her career as a litigating attorney and start pursuing her passion for coaching and competing in triathlons.

She says “In 2010, I was out of shape, addicted to alcohol, seriously overweight and lost in my own body, and mind, and world” and fortunately she was able to take a serious look at herself in the mirror (literally) and decide to take back her life.

She shares the “spark” that ignited within her and how it changed the entire course of her life and the path she took to get there.

Today, she’s busy coaching clients, training for races, writing another book, being an active mom and helping men and women take back control of their health.

She’s also runs a Podcast called The Same 24 Hours, which is exactly what we all have and we discuss why some people use those hours to become better and why some don’t.

We actually share many of the same principles and philosophies on health and fitness and talk about some of the things wrong with the industry right now and what we’re doing to change it.

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