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For today’s show I wanted to share some personal history about my parents and how their significantly different lifestyles led to significantly different outcomes.

This is important because our quality of life is directly related to our daily habits and actions. It’s tied to the food we eat, the exercise we do (or don’t do) and the environments we choose to put ourselves in.

My mother raised two boys alone and spent her life working hard just to take care of us. She didn’t have the time or money for a gym membership or to shop organic. She didn’t dedicate any time to being healthier but instead just did her best to survive. She also managed to pick up a lifelong smoking habit and a number of jobs that required sitting at a desk all day.

She started developing major health issues in her fifties, which isn’t much older than I am and spent more time at doctor’s offices than anywhere else.
Despite a heart attack in 2005, she picked smoking back up and continued to stay inactive. This led to being diagnosed with severe COPD and ultimately is what led to her passing at age 70.

On the other hand, my father lived in southern California and spent much of his free time outside playing sports.

He found time to exercise every day for most of his life and now at 74, he’s as fit as I am. Being retired, he spends 3-4 hours a day swimming, stretching, and using the weight room. He’s committed to his health and always has been.

And barring anything catastrophic, he’ll probably live to 95 or 100.

The thought of dying early and missing out on my daughter’s lives terrifies me. And genetics or accidents aside, we are in control of our health. We get to choose health or illness with every bite of food we take or every decision to be active or inactive.

My hope is that you hear my story and start making better choices for your longevity. It’s all we’ve got, my friends. Use this life the best you possibly can and squeeze every drop from it.

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