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Since the majority of us have weight loss as our #1 fitness goal, it’s not a surprise that we use the scale as the main indicator of our progress.
Today I want to share my thoughts on why I actually believe that your body weight is a relatively poor indicator of progress and suggest what you should be looking at instead.

Here are the main things I cover in this show:

  • Your clothes fitting better, getting into smaller sizes, and dropping belt sizes.
  • More energy and stamina. This is especially helpful for keeping up with your kiddos.
  • More confidence. This is HUGE and will affect every area of your life.
  • Seeing something you’re proud of in the mirror. Catching a glimpse of your long-forgotten triceps or seeing a shade of abs can be a massive motivator to keep you pushing forward.
  • Getting compliments and hearing positive feedback from others. Sometimes we’re just too close and can’t see the changes we’re making. Others will.
  • Having better sex. Your wife will thank you.
  • Strength gains. Being able to do more push-ups is a big win and getting to the point where you can do full pull-ups is something most guys strive for.
  • Moving better. As you start making progress, training hard, and losing the belly and extra fat, you’ll likely start moving better.
  • Having a better relationship with food. If you’re following the basics of good nutrition, you’ll start to understand which foods help you and which hold you back. This is critical for long-term success.
  • Fewer aches and pains. All that extra weight that you’ve been carrying around is affecting your bones, ligaments, and joints more than you realize. Once the weight starts coming off, you’ll notice fewer and fewer of these.
  • Better sleep. We just aren’t getting enough quality or quantity of sleep. I’ve got a whole Podcast episode on this topic.
  • Being more positive. Exercise releases endorphins, we know this. So why not do something every day that makes you feel better? Your mood will improve and you’ll get more shit done.
  • Having healthy habits that include regular exercise, proper nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle are all incredibly important wins. The fact that you’ve developed these is the biggest win of all and far more important than the few pounds of scale weight you’ve lost.
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