Overcoming Adversity and Hustling To Win With Anthony Trucks

//Overcoming Adversity and Hustling To Win With Anthony Trucks

Anthony Trucks is an amazing individual and my conversation with him was incredibly inspiring.

He was basically given away at three years old by his mother and fell into the foster care system where he was beaten and starved. He struggled through his childhood and through sheer perseverance, he managed to take the hand that was dealt to him and turn it into something positive.

At 14, he discovered football and made the decision to become great at it. Through hard work and dedication he was given a scholarship to Oregon University and ended up being drafted into the NFL, playing for the Redskins, Steelers, and Bucs before a shoulder injury ended his short career.

He then went on to open his own gym, became an American Ninja Warrior, wrote a book about his life, started working as a fitness consultant, and became a highly sought after speaker.

This man does it all and his passion and positivity is contagious. He now owns several businesses including Trust Your Hustle and sets a phenomenal example for his three children.

This is one show you'll want to listen to.

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