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Dash Kellner (aka Papa Swolio) is a fitness coach, yoga teacher, and online entrepreneur and honestly one of the funniest and most brutally honest fitness personalities I’ve ever met. You can find him daily at

At first glance, he looks like a cross between Thor and an 80’s WWF wrestler and is obnoxious as hell. His videos are pretty wild and he’s hyper passionate about what he does. It might put you off at first like it did me, but this man is the real deal.

In looking deeper into his messages and content, I found that Dash is an excellent coach, teacher, and is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the world of health and fitness.

Dash is a bit of a crusader and many of his videos are aimed at dispelling popular fitness myths or calling out some well-known fitness “expert” on his b.s. and he’s spot on. His tagline is “Fitness Without The Bullshit” and we need more of this stuff in a market saturated with phonies and quick buck artists.

What I like about him is his honestly and transparency and we talk about what’s wrong with the fitness industry, why people are falling for scams and fads and what we’re doing about it.

He says that one of the biggest problems we’re facing is that people want to be coddled and don’t want to take responsibility for their health. I agree 100%. A few of his quotes were spot on, albeit not subtle:

If you’re eating the wrong shit, you’re a fucking idiot

If you eat the right shit, you don’t have to count shit

We share the same disdain for social media “coaches” and people selling programs, diets, and coaching based solely on their six pack abs and hot bodies. It’s messed up and Dash predicts an upcoming crash of all these fake experts and rampant bullshit fitness advice and I’m inclined to believe him.

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