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So what happens when you’re working hard on your habits, eating clean, training hard and your significant other eats like shit?

It can feel like you’re constantly fighting an uphill battle and even may feel like you’re being sabotaged. It’s actually really common and can be frustrating, demotivating, and sometimes very hard to resist the temptations

In my own relationship I have a woman who eats mostly sugar and heavy carbs like pasta and rice and at times, it’s been an incredible challenge to stay the course and continue eating high quality foods. There always seems to be an occasion to go out for ice cream, have some cheesecake for dessert, or stop off for some Chinese takeout.

I love junk as much as the next guy but it’s a slippery slope and it’s all too easy to find ourselves downing a bag of Doritos at 2am. These foods are incredibly delicious, many of which are addicting, and it’s not easy saying no and crunching down on a carrot or celery instead.

When our spouses aren’t on board with our healthy lifestyles, we need to take matters into our own hands, assume 100% responsibility, and figure out how to stay the course. Willpower only goes so far and is a limited resource and at some point, if there are enough temptations around, we will cave.

These are some of the specific strategies that I’ve incorporated into my life to help me and I’d highly suggest using some or all of them if you have a spouse that eats poorly.

  • Lead by example. You can’t change her, so continue making healthy choices and hope she follows suit.
  • Don’t nag or guilt her about her food choices. That will only create resentment.
  • Throw down a challenge. Make it personal. Put something on the line.
  • Share your goals and why eating healthy is so important to you.
  • Get her involved with what you’re doing. Make getting healthy a team effort.
  • Do the grocery shopping yourself.
  • Cook healthy meals for the family. I don’t know any woman who wouldn’t say yes to a healthy home cooked meal that she didn’t have to make.
  • Experiment with new healthy foods. Plan to cook one new meal each week, preferably together.
  • Stop going out to eat so much. It’s far easier to choose unhealthy foods (or overeat) when eating out.
  • Designate a whole shelf in the pantry and/or fridge with your foods. Don’t deviate from it.

Hopefully these tips help and I’d love to hear what you do if you have a partner that eats like shit.

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