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Pat Rigsby is one of the true “good guys” in the world of online business and has been building and running successful ones for a number of years.

10 years ago, Pat taught me a very important business lesson, one he doesn’t even remember, and one I incorporate into The Fit Dad Nation today. He taught me the importance of looking at your business as a people game and not a numbers game and if you’ve ever worked with Pat, you know he is all about relationship building.

He’s actually more like the anti-online marketer despite the fact that he’s built multiple 7 figure businesses, because he spend his time working on helping people and solving their problems versus trying to get a million followers on Instagram or trying to trick people into buying products using fancy marketing copy.

I wanted to interview Pat because so many dads are unhappy in their jobs and are looking to create something on the side or a “side hustle” and the easiest place to do that is online.

With virtually a non-existent barrier to entry, anyone with a computer and Internet connection can reach out and connect with the world. Anyone can take their passion and turn it into a profitable business and Pat and I discuss how to go about doing just that.

He also makes the important distinction of getting someone’s attention versus getting them to part with their hard earned dollars and he’s an expert in both.

If you’re interested in building an online business or improving the one you already have, listen to this call. I’d also suggest looking him up and reading through some of his website, because it’s got a ton of valuable stuff for any business owner.

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