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Let’s face it, being stuck at home is making it much easier for us to eat junk. I’m not judging because I’m just as guilty as you and it’s been a struggle for many of us to stick to a relatively healthy diet.

We’re heading to Costco to load up on foods that have long shelf lives and for the most part, they aren’t the healthiest options. Many of us are just doing the best we can right now with all the changes to our lives and I get it.

In fact, I believe that we just need to be focusing on doing the best we can with what we’ve got right now and often times, optimal health isn’t at the top of our lists.
But there are some things we can do to at least make better choices with what we’ve got. So today, I share some tips and ideas that work for me and should be a big help to you if you’d like to clean up your diet right now.

And while it might not make sense (or even be possible) to eat super clean, making a few changes to your eating habits, implementing a few specific strategies, and getting very mindful about what and why you’re eating, can make a big difference.

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