For all of us that aren’t living in Southern California and have to deal with cold and shitty weather, keeping a consistent exercise routine can be difficult.

It’s hard enough to get motivated when it’s beautiful outside, let alone when it’s 25 degrees and snowing outside (like here, right now!). But when we choose to commit to getting into shape, (and you have committed haven’t you?), we need to suck it up and force ourselves to grind through it anyway.

And if you don’t belong to a gym, then you have a few options:

  1. Workout in your house, which is less than motivating for most people
  2. Go outside and find somewhere to train

I almost always opt for option #2. Even though you really would prefer to stay inside where it’s nice and warm and watch The Walking Dead, you know you should get out there and take on another workout. Because if you skip it, you just might skip it tomorrow, and then the next day…

So today, I thought I would share a quick workout that I did at a local park and although it was freezing (but no snow), I made it happen anyway. I did manage to get a few odd stares from parents wondering why a dude would be filming himself exercising on a play set, but I got over that pretty quickly…

The workout I did was 4 basic compound exercises and I demonstrate 10 reps of each. Your goal should be to spend 25 minutes doing these exercises in a circuit style.

Here’s what it will look like:

  • 10-20 reps (depending on your fitness level) of decline pushups
  • 10-20 reps of horizontal rows
  • 10-20 reps of box jumps
  • 10-20 reps of stepups
  • Continue to repeat this circuit for 25 minutes with as little rest as possible. This type of workout is great for burning calories, building muscular strength and endurance, and helps to raise your metabolism.

Now I can’t guarantee that you’ll end up looking like Hannibal, but if you stay consistent with this, you WILL see some great results!

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Let me know in the comments when you try the workout!

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