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Rusty Joiner is a men’s health expert and founder of, a fitness model, author, actor and also a husband and father.

Rusty has been the spokesmodel for Men’s Health Magazine, graced dozens of fitness magazine covers, spent years traveling the world as a model for brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, Prada, American Eagle, and Levis and has made guest appearances on such shows as Extra, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, E! News Daily and The View.

Despite his Hollywood lifestyle, Rusty was one of the most genuine and open guests I’ve had on the show and it was so great to see such humility, especially from someone with the fame and recognition he has.

We talk about how age, especially for men over 40, affects performance and training and the best ways to get fit at any age. He’s dedicated himself to his craft and after becoming a coach and trainer, he became a behavior change specialist in an effort to better understand sports/health psychology so he could better serve his clients.

Rusty shares how he prepares for his photo shoots, how he eats and trains, and what his day to day life look like and yes he’s an actor, is on TV all the time, and even competes in fitness shows, he’s a dad like and me and makes time for his health every day.

He also talks about his book, Cover Model Abs: the truth about nutrition. In his book, Rusty lays down the framework necessary to help men master their personal nutrition and fitness goals. He talks about how getting older presents challenges for most men, seeing their muscle mass starting to deteriorate, their body fat increasing, and the challenges and struggles of day to day life.

At 46, he’s in insanely good shape and although he trains hard and eats very clean, he’s a regular busy dad like us. He’s made fitness a part of his life and is an example, albeit extreme, of what can happen if you stay consistent and put in the work.

Rusty and I had a lot more in common that I would have thought and I honestly enjoyed this conversation. We could have talked for hours and as commercialized as he is, he’s super down to Earth and genuine. Googling him, you’ll find a number of half naked photos of him posing and he’s definitely a stud, but I found that he’s the real deal when it comes to helping men and serving others.

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