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Ryan Michler is the founder of Order of Man, which is a thriving community of men who are looking to become the best men they can be.

Ryan has quite a story and as a husband, father, Iraqi combat veteran and former financial planner, his message and passion for what he does are clearly needed as his Podcast has amassed over 7 million downloads to date.

Ryan has some very strong viewpoints on masculinity and manhood and why so many of us are living domesticated lives of ease. He talks about fatherhood and exposing his children to difficult situations in order to eventually render himself obsolete, and how he encourages his boys to handle their own challenges in a way that allows them to learn by experience, not hand holding.

We talk about why it’s selfish not to let our kids experience failure, which is a huge issue in today’s “everybody gets a trophy” society as well as why this is having such a negative impact on today’s youth.

We discuss the eight specific topics that he teaches in his programs and why they are so important to have as a man and what we can do to become the best husbands, fathers, and men we are capable of becoming.

His message and work with dads is closely tied in with what I do at the Fit Dad Nation and within my own private community in the Apex Alliance and I have a ton of respect for Ryan.

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