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Scott Carney is an investigative journalist, anthropologist, author of What Doesn’t Kill Us, TEDx speaker, and has had some fascinating journeys in his life. One such journey sent him to Poland to debunk “The Iceman” Wim Hof and his methods of cold therapy, breathing techniques, and heightened consciousness.

Wim’s methods and programs have made many claims such as better sleep, faster recovery, lowered stress, better focus, and improved immune systems and Scott’s mission was to disprove these claims and tell the world of his findings.

However, Scott’s journey to prove Wim as a fraud didn’t turn out as he expected and he ended up joining his training program and climbing a mountain in nothing but his bathing suit in the middle of winter. Not only that, but he began to see significant changes in his performance, both mental and physical as we worked through Wim’s methods.

I personally am a believer in cold water/temperature therapy and have run challenges in the past with these in mind. The benefits are numerous and here’s an article on some of the more prominent ones.

Scott’s story and experiences with Wim are fascinating and share a unique perspective on his teachings and give us an insiders look into what exactly happens to our bodies and minds as he delves into deep breathing techniques, cold immersion, and mental clarity and focus exercises.

As we were talking about all the benefits he’s experiences, he said “these are not super powers, they’re human powers”. Meaning, we all have the ability to change our thinking to allow us to do that which we think we cannot do.

A few years later, Scott joined Wim as they climbed Mount Kilimanjaro together in just 28 hours without the use of supplemental oxygen (and wearing only his bathing suit again).

There are so many takeaways from this show and you can learn more about Scott, his books, and his travels at and I highly advise watching his TEDx talks as well.

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