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Seth is a married father to 5 children as well as a former U.S. Marine where he taught chemical defense and was a black-belt combat instructor. He then worked as a security contractor and even took an oil field job, working 100+ hours a week. He now runs fitness coaching programs, both in person and remotely.

Seth and I share a common interest in helping others through fitness and although I was only recently introduced to him, I was blown away by his raw passion and his commitment to serving others. We spoke about the importance of doing work that fulfills you and why waking up with a sense of purpose is so important. He mentioned a quote that stuck with me, which was “your playing small doesn’t serve the world. We are all meant to shine”.

On that note, Seth went all in on his coaching career and even turned down an offer to make $12k/month at a time when he was only making $400/month. Given the fact that he has 5 kids and a wife who stays at home, it was a decision that put his commitment to the test. He chose purpose over a paycheck and while some may look at it as stupidity or even selfishness, I see passion and determination.

It takes balls and a hardcore belief in yourself and your mission to look that far ahead and go after your dreams with so much uncertainty. I admire him a great deal for having that conviction and not doing what most would do in that situation and play it safe.

Seth has been teaching boot camp classes for Camp Gladiator and has recently started developing an in-depth coaching experience for busy parents that runs much deeper than surface things like just a workout plan or diet. We talk about the importance of our mindset and environments when it comes to succeeding with our fitness goals and looking at “big picture” things instead of just weight loss.

His philosophy on fitness is:

1. Get up
2. Dress up
3. Show up
4. Never give up

He truly wants to impact people’s lives in a meaningful way and I’m sure you’ll be as inspired by him as I was.

Here’s where to find Seth:

Fit Dad Basecamp
Join The Inner Circle