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The diet and weight loss industry is one of the biggest in the world and one that people will go to great lengths to try and hack.

Pills, creams, detox teas, belts, slimmers, fad diets, fitness gizmos, fat burners, and everything lining the shelves at GNC are all designed to help you shortcut your way to a better body. It sickens me to see this shit peddled everywhere and we’re dumb enough to buy it. That’s the problem with this industry, people are willing to spend their hard earned dollars on something that promises faster results despite knowing (at least on some level) that it’s not going to happen.

Of course we all want instant results! That would be great, right? Why put in all that effort and time if you can just take that popular fat burner you saw on Instagram and incinerate all that weight while you do nothing?? The real world doesn’t work that way and your body will take its sweet ass time losing weight. At least if you do it correctly.

Instead of chasing shortcuts, I propose the following:

First, come to an understanding that you didn’t get this out of shape in a month or even a year. You’ve spent the last decade or two sitting on your rear end, eating crap, avoiding hard physical training, being overly stressed, and generally unhappy to top it all off. This is a recipe for not only a heart attack at age 50 but a life of struggling with your health.

This shit has to stop.

If you can just follow a few simple rules of good health, all those hacks are useless. Yes, it will take time, probably significantly more time than you’d like but this is YOUR body and life.

Here’s my list:

  1. Move more
  2. Find an emotionally charged reason to live healthy
  3. Stop eating crap you know is hurting you and focus on one ingredient foods
  4. Train hard and push yourself daily
  5. Dump your stress
  6. Sleep better and more
  7. Be happier. Find a passion or a sense of purpose

It’s really super basic at its very core and I urge you to stop chasing quick results and shortcuts, they just aren’t there. If you’re looking to join a tribe of men ready to do the work it takes to live a life of strength, energy, confidence, and happiness, apply to our brotherhood in the Fit Dad Nation Inner Circle.

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