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I invited Ryan Riggle on the show to talk about one of the most hyped but also most confusing topics in the fitness world; supplements.

Ryan is the marketing director of 1stPhorm supplements, which is a very well-known and respected supplement company and I personally use their products and they are definitely high quality. He’s also in charge of the legionnaire program, which is the education based platform for their affiliates.

Ryan wasn’t on the show to promote his brand but rather to shed some light on an industry that is laden with scams, ripoffs, and companies just looking to cash in on a hot market.

The supplement industry isn’t regulated, and Ryan calls it the wild, wild west of industries, which is why any company can slap a fancy label on their products, throw in a few “hot” ingredients, and make outrageous claims about how amazing their products are.

I, along with Ryan, call bullshit.

He and 1stPhorm fortunately are one of the few reputable brands that are more interested in educating the public on what a supplement is and why you may need or not need them rather than trying to separate you from your money.

The supplement industry is extremely lucrative which is why there are so many products to choose from and it’s overwhelming for many to know what’s actually legit and what’s just fluff. And as Ryan aptly puts “this industry is profit driven, not necessarily results driven.”

I couldn’t agree more when he said that the best supplements are the least sexiest. And this is an industry where sexy sells, which is why we see so much hype around hot products that claim to burn fat, put you in ketosis, help you get 6 pack abs, etc.

Ryan shares his hierarchy of supplement needs and you’ll be surprised at what he says. He also shares his top 3 supplements, which aren’t what you’d think they might be.

He also tell us which supplement is grossly over marketed and ironically, one we don’t even need to be using. I personally love to hear this because having someone who works for a supplement company tell us we don’t need certain (and most) supplements, says a lot about his character and where his priorities lie; in the truth.

He also discusses the differences between good and crappy protein powders and why buying the giant tubs of protein for cheap at large retail chains isn’t the best choice. I must say though that the best protein shake I’ve ever tasted is 1stPhorm Level 1 (the ice cream sandwich flavor is AMAZING!). We get into post workouts as well, why we should be using them,  and what two ingredients are a must for it to be most effective.

This was a straight up honest conversation with a man who should be biased, but isn’t. You’ll learn the good, the bad, and the ugly of the supplement world from an industry expert, so if you’re confused about what’s what, listen to this show.

And if you choose to buy any 1stPhorm products, I’d appreciate if you used the links in this post as I get a small commission, which helps to keep the FDN up and running and bringing you more quality content!

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