Talking With Oil Trader Turned Bodybuilding Pro, Craig Capurso

//Talking With Oil Trader Turned Bodybuilding Pro, Craig Capurso

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So I had the chance to talk with Craig Capurso, who was a bodybuilding pro with the IFBB as well as a spokesmodel for He is also sponsored by the supplement company Cellucor and can be found on the cover of dozens of fitness magazines.

We talked about some of the cutting edge fitness and training programs he's creating with his business, Metron, which is a fitness software company that interprets the training modalities from coaches and provides a personalized hands-free voice-guided experience to users, making their data actionable.

But it was his humility and commitment to being a good father that really sparked my interest in talking with him and his approach to living a healthy and fit lifestyle is really inspiring.

I think you'll find this interview pretty interesting and he's definitely not your typical meathead.

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One Comment

  1. Sean P Foley May 10, 2018 at 2:04 am - Reply

    This podcast really hit home with me.
    So much information in here that was fantastic.
    Really dig the fact that we talked about not just a fitness but also the role of the dad and how it impacts the fitness. And also how the fitness impacts the dad.
    Was great to see some reinforcements on many concepts that have been rolling through our groups such as making sure to take care of yourself so you can take care of your family, proper nutrition and how it can be different for everybody, how different issues pop up as you age such as going from being a bulky bodybuilder to a smaller more flexible man. Overall excellent conversation. I look forward to the next one

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