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It’s easy to get motivated for a day, a week, or even a month, but we are all in this for the long game.

Motivation comes and goes and if we rely on it as our source of action, we’re going to fail. Every client I’ve ever had has been unmotivated at some point and I’ve been there many many times myself. Social media makes us think it’s easy to stay all fired up 24/7 and guys like David Goggins and Jocko have us questioning our commitments to ourselves.

But we’re all human and we all go through tough times, emotionally and physically. We all fuck up. We all get lazy. We all get tired. We all have demons to battle. And of course we all want to live better lives. We all want to feel great, look great naked, have tons of energy, and be awesome role models for our kids.

Some of us have a family history of premature death, Diabetes, heart issues, and other potentially fatal diseases. Yet so many of us, despite all these incredibly powerful reasons to live healthy, fail to do just that.

Instead, we sit and watch our bodies get soft and flabby and choose the path of least resistance. We can watch a movie like Rocky 3 and get pumped up for a short while, but we end up right back in the same spot on the couch after the rush wears off.

Motivation doesn’t work long-term. Being inspired does. But inspiration comes from wanting something so badly that you can’t not do it.

And that’s rare.

Your job is to find what lights up up inside and won’t let you sleep; the thing that keeps you moving forward despite your mind and body wanting to quit.

We all have it deep inside ourselves. Find it.

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