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On 11/1, we start the 75 Hard, which is a challenge made popular by 1stPhorm Supplements owner, Andy Frisella.

I had read quite a bit about the challenge prior to committing to it and hadn’t seriously thought about it until I had a conversation with a friend who had gone through it. He spoke about not only the physical transformation that happened but the changes to his mindset and mental toughness.

So I decided to take the challenge on myself and invited our private group, the FDN Inner Circle, to join me.

Today, I share the five main reasons I feel compelled to put myself through these 75 days and I’m sure you will resonate with a few. As I’ve said many times before, I’m not a fitness “guru”, I’m just a regular dad with all the same struggles as you. And by me sharing my personal reasons, it might inspire you to look deeper at your commitments and what it is that’s lacking in your life.

In all honesty, I’ve hit a rough patch in my life. I’ve allowed my feelings to dictate my actions, which have led to personal and professional struggles. I’ve allowed it to affect all aspect of my life and it’s hurting me. It has to change and tackling a challenge like this is how I’m choosing to respond.

This is were I struggle most:

  1. I’ve become lazy and complacent.
  2. I’ve become mentally and physically soft.
  3. I need more structure and consistency in my life.
  4. I need to clean up my diet so I feel better.
  5. I need to feel like I’m pursuing a worthy goal.

My hope is that one or more of these resonate with you and you decide to take action in your own life.

I’d love for you to join us on this 75 day journey and if you’re interested, apply to the Inner Circle and let’s get after it!

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