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It’s no secret that many dads in their 30’s and 40’s are overweight and carry the “dad bod” around with them. The term has become synonymous with a soft, flabby body, a little (or big) beer belly, and an overall lack of muscle tone.

Whatever we want to call it though, it’s not sexy, hip, or in fashion, despite what social media is saying. I’d argue that it’s the exact opposite. It’s unhealthy and I’ve never met a woman who said she’d rather have her husband look like a bag of wet donuts over being lean and muscular.

And despite what we’re being sold online and in the fitness community, losing weight, getting stronger and more muscular, and taking your health back, isn’t complicated. In fact, it’s pretty fucking easy.

We weren’t put on this Earth to be fat, slow, and weak yet that’s exactly what’s happened to us. And my advice, if you honestly want to change that, is to focus on a handful of core principles of good health.

And be ruthlessly consistent with them. Not two weeks. Not two months. Not two years. Make it a long-term thing. As in your whole life.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Train with weights
  2. Use some kind of HIIT training
  3. Do dedicated mobility work every day
  4. Stop eating like an asshole
  5. Eat fewer calories than you need if your goal is fat loss
  6. Get more sleep, 7-8 hours at least
  7. Drink at least half your bodyweight in ounces of water
  8. Manage your stress
  9. Find your “why”
  10. Put yourself first

If you want to live longer and with a higher quality of life, you need to get your fitness in order. It HAS to become a priority and you need to make yourself #1.

Our private community, the Fit Dad Nation Inner Circle, is where we use accountability, challenges, the power of tribe to do just that. The men in the Inner Circle are improving their eating, habits, mindset, and bodies one day at a time and are working together to make it happen. Join us at

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