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Going into 2022 I had high expectations.

High for my business, high for my personal goals and fitness, high for my budding career in pickleball, and high for my family.

Unfortunately it hasn’t turned out quite as I planned so far.

It started with both of my daughters testing positive for COVID, which is scary as hell. Shortly after that I ruptured the plantar ligament in my left foot, putting me in a boot and on crutches for the foreseeable future and severely restricting my movement.


My new years challenge didn’t generate the excitement and interest I had hoped (and planned) for and I subsequently fell into a dark funk; a funk I’m still trying to work my way out of.

I realize you likely don’t care about my personal struggles because you’re too wrapped up in your own. And this is exactly why I decided to share this with you today.

I want you to realize and understand that guys like me, who may seem to have it all put together on social media and live and breathe fitness, are just as susceptible to struggle and emotional breakdowns as anyone else.

Just because I coach dads and teach fitness for a living doesn’t mean I won’t have setbacks and failures. It happens to me a lot.

And I share my story today in hopes that you’ll hear it and realize you aren’t alone. It’s easy for the stresses of life to come creeping up and sometimes they’re just too much for us to handle at the time and we go down.

Like me right now.

The key is to recognize that you’re there and then make the conscious decision to work on changing it. It’s much easier said than done and I’ve been wallowing in my own shit for too long already.

Part of me sharing this today is for my benefit, not just yours. I needed to put myself out there, take ownership of where I’m at and why, and then commit publicly to changing it.

I hope you’ll take a hard look at your own situation and do the same.

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