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If you’ve been struggling with your weight for what seems like forever and you can’t seem to make any real progress, listen up.
Today I share 10 reasons that are keeping you fat and if you want to change it, I highly recommend you implement some or all of the strategies I talk about.

1. You’re eating too many calories and don’t know it.
2. Not building/maintaining lean muscle. Strength training is a priority for everyone regardless of goals.
3. You’re not prepared and making poor choices.
4. Your environment is killing you. Workplace, surroundings, home life, and relationships can all be a huge liability.
5. No plan and just hoping things work out. Guessing at calorie needs, doing random workouts you see on YouTube.
6. Emotional eating is hurting your progress.
7. You’re misinformed. Following different diets, yo-yo dieting, and using whatever is trending on social. Get consistent with the basics, that’s all you really need.
8. Chasing short-term wins.
9. Your lifestyle is broken. Poor sleep, living on sugar and caffeine, high stress, too much sitting, unhappiness, apathy.
10. Comparing yourself to others. Instagram has made this a serious problem. Everyone looks vibrant, fit, happy and makes it look easy. The reality is far different and is a grind day to day.

Agree? Disagree? Anything to add?

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