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Let’s face it, this Coronavirus thing has thrown our lives upside down. It’s cost us our jobs (for now), our freedom to leave our homes and our ability to be with friends and family.
And if you’re tuned into social media, which is what many of us are doing in the wake of all this, you’ll likely see Internet “guru’s” touting all the amazing things they’re accomplishing during this terrible time.

And there is nothing wrong with using this “down” time to develop new habits, better yourself, or find a new passion. But we’re all hurting from this and many are struggling just to get through the day. And all we typically see on social media are highlight reels of someone’s life.

And it can make us question whether or not we’re doing well in our lives; I know it has for me.

You see, I haven’t used these past few weeks to become proficient at anything new. I haven’t read a half dozen new books. I haven’t increased my business by 50%. I haven’t found 10 new clients. I haven’t launched a new product. I am struggling.

And that’s O.K.

This is affecting each person differently and some are struggling more than others. Some have withdrawn from their daily routine. Some have shut down completely.
That’s not anything to feel bad about.

I’m tired of seeing these high achievers telling us that if we aren’t making incredible personal progress right now, that somehow, we’re selling ourselves short.
And while this has given some people an excuse to be lazy, that’s not what I’m talking about here. Just because you aren’t killing it in your personal and professional life doesn’t mean you’re failing.

I applaud anyone who can put the world’s events aside and focus on business and accomplish great things, I really do.
But don’t compare yourself to those showing us a tiny sliver of their “amazing” lives and think you’re not a success. Handle these scary times the best you can, protect your family, and cherish each moment you have with them.

To me, that’s success.

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