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I’ve been a fitness coach for 21 years now and if there is one person that’s taught me more about diet and nutrition than anyone else, it’s Tom Venuto.

Tom is the author of the best selling ebook on fat loss of all time, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle and it was my “bible” for many years as a trainer. He later published The Body Fat Solution which has become a best seller and he’s reached more than 500,000 people across 150 countries with his programs and books.

When I started this Podcast, Tom was someone I knew I had to interview and he was gracious enough to spend some time with me sharing some of the things he’s learned over the decades he’s spent as a competitive (drug free) bodybuilder, coach, author, and fitness entrepreneur.

Tom and I talk about a number of issues and misconceptions when it comes to losing fat as the importance of having concrete goals and a strong mental game. We talk about why personal preferences are the most important thing when it comes to your approach to eating and why tracking your body composition is far more important than scale weight.

Tom teaches clients all over the world via his online community at and his knowledge and expertise are second to none when it comes to getting fit and healthy.

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