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Tony Gentilcore is a well-known strength coach, fitness author and speaker, as well as a gym owner in Boston, Mass. He was a guest on our Podcast back in October 2018 and we talked about all the bullshit that’s so prevalent in the fitness business.

Today I asked him back on to discuss something that I get a lot of questions about and that’s starting and running an online business.

There are so many middle-aged men who are burned out, working just for a paycheck, and desperately looking for a sense of purpose in their work. This is where online business comes in because it literally has no barrier to entry and one can start a business based on their passions with virtually no costs. I’m a huge proponent of not only online business but for following your passions. I spent more than a decade working in finance and hated almost every minute of it. I know what it’s like to feel trapped and miserable at a soul sucking job.

Tony has done an amazing job of creating a well-respected reputation and brand in the fitness space and he’s been publishing content consistently for years. He offers some great insights into how he’s been able to build his brand into a thriving business and for those looking to possibly get into online business, you should pay close attention.

So today I picked his brain on why he thinks he’s been able to stand out in such a crowded marketplace, especially given that he does very little, if any, advertising or promoting.
I really admire the fact that he’s been able to create a very successful online business by sticking to the basics of helping people and being extremely consistent with high quality content.

Tony is someone who followed his love for fitness and coaching and through hard work and continually educating himself, has become a highly sought-after expert.
We talk about the myths associated with running an online business and why sitting on a white sandy beach sipping Mai Tai’s while typing on your laptop isn’t reality.

We also discuss “imposter syndrome” which is when someone doesn’t feel like they have enough credentials or knowledge to be an authority in their niche or charge for their services and this is a very common issue when starting out. Tony also shares some of his biggest struggles as a father to a young son and busy gym and online business owner and some of his best practices that help him day to day.

You can find him at and on Instagram, Twitter as well as a number of fitness sites like and He writes some seriously good (and hilarious) content, so check it out.

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