I was in the gym last week, doing my thang when I see this dude walk in the front door and could immediately tell he was all hyped up and had testosterone oozing out of every pore. You know, the guy wearing the skin tight fluorescent tank top who is so overconfident and dripping with arrogance that you can’t not look at him because he is so ridiculous.

So this dude makes a b-line from the font door directly to the…wait for it…..the bench!!!

Hard to believe I know. So anyway, he immediately loads up the bar with 225 lbs and without so much as a light stretch or warm up, starts pressing the bar.

I could almost hear the creaks in his bones and hear his ligaments contorting as he pushed the weight up. Fast forward 3 minutes and he is now pressing 315 and as I watched his back shift like the Gateway Arch, I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself.


Hell, we all have ego’s and a deep desire to look fucking awesome, but let’s keep it in check. And at least let’s not let it affect our workouts and possibly end up with a torn muscle or worse.

Oh, and the kicker was that his legs looked something like this….

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I’m not bashing guys who lift with their ego’s (just this guy), and am more so trying to make a point.

We all make mistakes in the gym, but after 19 years as a fitness coach, I have a pretty good idea of the things that will limit your success in the gym.

Here is a list of the top 10 mistakes you are making in the gym and I’ve expanded on them in the video below:

  1. Using the same reps/weight consistently
  2. Lifting with your ego and not within your limits
  3. Not warming up or cooling down
  4. Not varying your exercises
  5. Skipping leg day (forever)
  6. Not incorporating HIIT
  7. Not doing cardio
  8. Not having a plan in the gym
  9. Using the WOD
  10. Wasting to much time on isolation exercises

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Did I miss anything? What are some other mistakes?

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