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Traver Boehm is a man with a remarkable story. He’s an author, coach, TEDx speaker, former MMA fighter, CrossFit gym owner, holds a Master’s degree in Eastern Medicine and is the founder of the Man Uncivilized Movement.

In 2016, he embarked on what he called his Year To Live Project and the idea was to live as fully as he could with the idea that it would be his final year on Earth. He set out on a journey that took him halfway across the world where he found himself in the jungles of Guatemala in complete isolation where he spent 28 days in a small hut and in total darkness.

In that time, he reflected on his life and came to terms with his past failures, his divorce, and the loss of his unborn child and chose to live his life in a different and profound way. Along his journey, a friend gave him some advice that changed how he looked at his life and said “this is either going to be the worst year of your life or the best year of your life. Either way, it’s going to be the hardest.”

I was immensely impressed by Traver’s ability to be so open and vulnerable, especially given his history as a fighter, Crossfitter, and general badass. He’s been able to harness his past experiences and painful life events into a highly successful business where he works with men to help them unleash their inner power and become the men they want to be.

We spoke about his book, Today I Rise, in which he shares his thoughts on using the pain of a break up or divorce and harnessing it to become better, instead of letting it suck you down that dark hole so many fall into. As we spoke about pain, he said he will ask his clients “what are you going to do with this pain you’ve been given”? And then noted “there is nothing you can do about it, but there is everything you can do with it”

He also said:

“Pain is the greatest teacher none of us want to learn from”

I love this.

Traver takes a no bullshit approach to his life as well as in his business and will tell you exactly what you need to hear, like it or not. He’s definitely not your typical life or success coach and doesn’t rely on catch phrases or witty quotes to help you work through your struggles. This man is the real deal and I felt like we touched on some incredibly important topics about personal growth and manhood.

He also shares several stories about the time he spent with people living in hospice care and the conversations about life and death they had. This was a great interview and our conversation was deep and so genuine and it affected me quite a bit; more so than most other interviews I’ve done.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to begin to silence your mind
  • The power and simplicity behind meditation
  • How to use your pain as fuel instead of negativity
  • How to create your best life, even when you’re deeply struggling
  • How the basics of good health are the simplest and easiest to incorporate into your life
  • The strength behind being open and vulnerable as a man and how it builds masculinity

Links mentioned:

  3. His book, Today I Rise
  4. His TEDx talk, How To Make Pain Your Guru
  5. Traver on Instagram
  6. A Year To Live by Stephen Levine
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