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I’ll be honest. Running isn’t my thing, but there is no doubt that it’s a massively popular sport and hobby and many guys in our community love it. So I reached out to expert running coach Valerie Hunt to get some questions answered and to find out more about how to run properly and do it while staying injury free.

Valerie has been a full-time strength and conditioning coach for more than 25 years where she’s specialized in running for 18 of those and is a Pose method certified running coach.
She has a very active social media community at RunRx and you’ll see her videos, tutorials, tips, and big smile on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. She also runs her RunRX clinics across the U.S. and teaches Bootcamp classes locally in Dallas, Texas.

Being a non-runner myself and knowing little about proper running mechanics, run specific strength and mobility exercises, and even why someone would choose to run at all, I turned to my community for relevant questions. She shared her tips for the new runner and how to avoid possible injuries, why mobility and foot strength plays such a huge role in running, and why most people are running improperly, which leads to shin splints and plantar fasciitis.

At 48 years old, she still trains hard, runs a ton, and is in excellent condition and attributes much of it to her strength and conditioning training, mobility work, and using the Pose method for running, which has kept her injuries to a minimum over the years. She says “you’re only as old as your joints”, which is why she is such an advocate for flexibility and mobility work and says “it’s OK if you can’t do the splits, but it’s not OK if you can’t get up off the floor”. I agree 100% and as we get older, it’s not about being super flexible, it’s about being able to move our bodies well functionally.

She also shares some interesting insights on footwear, which I’m sure most podiatrists won’t want to hear, but makes perfect sense. She tells us about proper sizing for running shoes and what and why she prefers to wear a specific brand herself. This was a great conversation and I learned a great deal about running and was able to get a ton of questions answered. Valerie definitely knows her shit and her passion and enthusiasm were contagious; so much so that I’m even considering running myself!

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