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Last week I got sick. Really sick.

It was the worst I’ve ever felt and a day I won’t ever forget.

We were out on our new boat and while fishing, I suddenly lost my balance. We were in dead calm waters so it was odd. A few minutes later I was on all fours trying to focus because everything was spinning like crazy and I was intensely nauseous. So much so that I couldn’t even pick my head up or open my eyes.

I figured I’d had too much caffeine or was dehydrated and it would pass quickly, but it didn’t. After 45 minutes of lying on the boat floor trying not to move at all, we decided to call 911 for help.
My girlfriend and I had no idea what was wrong as I’m in excellent health. Was it a heart attack? Was it a stroke? Was it something else? I literally had no idea and have never had this happen before.

I don’t even get sea sick.

At this point I could barely move at all and as our police boat escort took us to the dock, all I could hear were sirens and people talking.
I remember being pulled off the boat by two paramedics and wheeled into the back of the waiting ambulance. They ran every test they had on me and came up with nothing. All my numbers were excellent and they strongly recommended I head to the hospital immediately.

We made the hour-long drive home and I was dropped off at our local hospital ER and was met by a nurse with a wheelchair.
For the next three hours I underwent more tests, blood work, CT and chest scans, and dexterity tests to check for a possible cerebellum stroke.
I was still unable to open my eyes or walk and was freaking out because this wasn’t passing. I was just as sick as I was initially and 7 hours had passed and they hadn’t determined a cause. Not good.

Finally the meds they gave me for anti-dizziness started to work and I was able to stand on my own. A few hours later, I was feeling well enough to go home to sleep.
Three days past and I was still unsteady on my feet and met with a few doctors and physical therapists who thought that it might be the “crystals” in my inner ear that were out of alignment and causing this vertigo.

But after a series of tests, the crystal theory was ruled out and I was left with no answers again.

I recorded this show 6 days after my initial incident and although I don’t feel dizzy anymore, I’m overly tired and sluggish. I don’t know what it was or why it happened. I guess it was just a random thing. But whatever it was, it scared the hell out of me and made me realize I’m far from invincible. That day on the boat could have been my last and I have a newfound respect for what my body can and can’t do.

It also served as an incredibly important reminder of how fragile life is and to cherish each day I have.

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