Back at the end of 2012, I was a shell of a man. I had just gotten separated and was away from my 7&4 year old daughters for the first time ever. And it was hard..really fucking hard.

I drank too much beer, ate too much junk, and stopped doing anything remotely active.

And my mind and body suffered.

I felt horrible all the time which only made matters worse. It was like a giant shit storm and I did everything I could to make myself feel lousy.

I suppose it was part of the grieving process or whatever but it didn’t help me get better. It just brought me down even further that I already was.

Why I share this with you is because I decided one fateful summer day that I was going to turn my life around and stop beating myself up.

And I did. I started small and took baby steps every single day until I had replaced some of my bad habits with better ones. And it just snowballed from there.

Was it easy? Hell no. But it had to happen and I’m glad it only took me a year to get my head out of my ass instead of a decade.

Today, I’m 45 years old and can honestly say I’m happier and healthier than I’ve been in a dozen years or more. And I have zero doubt that if I can turn my life around, you can do the exact same thing.

And I’m here to help you do just that.

Single Dads Unite

fit dad nation

In November 2014, I started in an effort to help single dads get their lives back on track, both physically and mentally. And in just a few short years, we built an amazing community of over 20,000 dads and I’ve had the chance to help hundreds of you personally.

But it’s not enough.

Yes, I love working with single dads and know exactly what they are going through since I’m one of them. But one of the reasons I became a single dad (and there are A LOT of reasons), was because I lost sight of myself during my marriage and focused 100% on my family.

Now you may say that that’s how it’s supposed to be, but I say you’re wrong. I believe that in order to best take care of your kids and maintaining a healthy relationship, you MUST focus on yourself first.

It sounds selfish at first but it’s actually selfless when you think about it. When you take care of yourself emotionally, mentally, and physically, you become a better man and a better father.

In contrast, when you let yourself go, stop giving a shit about what you eat and if you ever exercise, your body (and mind) start to fail. You have less energy, your performance at work and home suffers, and you are not nearly as effective as a parent.

So I say take care of YOU first, then you are much more likely to have success in all other areas of your life.

The last thing I would ever wish on someone is divorce. I did my absolute best to keep my marriage together but after thousands of dollars spent in counseling, weekend workshops, and a lot of tears, it just wasn’t going to work.

And I firmly believe that some divorces can be prevented by taking excellent care of yourself and is one main reason I’ve decided to re-brand my entire business from to FitDadNation.

Married dads need just as much motivation and help as single dads and I know the struggles of both. And if I can help just one dad get his life back on track and potentially save a crumbling marriage, then it’s worth it.

Welcome To The Fit Dad Nation!

This new site and all the content going forward are going to be designed to help as many of you dads as possible.

I have a notebook full of ideas and plans for the future and here are some of the highlights:

  • Helping you get fit again and look and feel like you did at your best
  • Helping you drop unhealthy and negative habits and replace them with positive and healthy ones
  • Sharing recipes and shopping tips for eating healthy
  • Collaborating with other industry experts to give you a ton of great content
  • Doing free monthly webinars to address your specific needs
  • Doing weekly Facebook Q&A’s
  • Getting back on Periscope and (starting) Facebook Live to answer questions in real time
  • Sharing my best practices for getting fit and staying fit as a busy dad
  • Sharing stories (successes and setbacks) from other dads around the world
  • Giving you tons of free stuff to help you make these changes and changing your life permanently

There is SO much more planned for this (and for all of you) and I know this is going to be HUGE!

The Movement

fit dad nation

When I decided to re-brand, I wanted to focus on one thing and that was creating a movement that would become so much bigger than just me sitting at my dining room table typing or shooting a workout video at a local park.

I want it to be a global movement that will get dads from every corner of this world involved in what we’re doing here.

Our tagline is “Forging Strong Fathers and Raising a Stronger Generation” and that’s exactly what we’re building here.

So I’ll ask you to get involved because without that, this just won’t work. I’m not a one man army and can’t spread our message nearly as effectively as with your help.

So here’s what you can do:

  • Get involved. Subscribe to my email newsletter and get first access to contests, challenges, giveaways, and tons of other free stuff. Plus, you’ll get a free video series to help you dump your dad bod when you do..
  • Share your voice. Start commenting on blog posts here, get involved in our daily conversations on Facebook, and connect with me on Instagram.
  • Share the message. By sharing my Facebook posts, blog posts, and Instagram photos, you’ll help our community grow and thrive. And the more it does, the better it will be for everyone.
  • Let me help you. With as many emails and messages as I get, I know I’m helping a lot of you, but there are a lot more that aren’t asking. The best way is to reach out to me on Facebook or via email at steve (at) Remember, I’m here to help you any way I can.

I’m just so excited about what the future holds for us here and I’ll ask you one simple question; what is one thing I can do to help you right now? Leave a comment below and lets’ get this thing rolling…

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