Several weeks back, I flew out to Milwaukee to visit my friend Ian who runs My visit was not as much a personal one as it was a educational one. Ian has been creating high quality videos and courses for a couple of years and when I told him about SDFD, he offered to teach me some things about video production, which is going to play a huge part in what I do on this site.

And while I learned a great deal, I also found some time to reflect on my life, my current situation, and how lucky I am to be able to work for myself and help people just like you get fit and healthy.

In today’s video, I wanted to share some of my personal story with you and why I do what I do here. If you’re not at all familiar with my story, I was a pretty miserable SOB for a number of years and let my health (along with many other things) slide down a deep, dark hole.

The kind of hole that many never come out of…

It wasn’t until a friend gave me a much needed wake up call that I made the decision to turn my life around and get my shit back together. My first step was working on my fitness level. I’ve been in pretty good shape much of my adult life and I had let myself become a lazy piece of shit and drowned my life’s sorrows in Big Mac’s and Red Bull’s.

Excuses Are Shit

I was full of excuses and full of shit. I didn’t try to improve myself because I told myself I couldn’t. Sound familiar?

But I did change and there were a few specific reasons why I turned my life around; a few of which I share in this video.

Why I share this with you is because I was in a bad place, a place many of you are in right now. Maybe you feel just fine, but deep down you know there is SO much more to life than what you’re doing and how you’re feeling right now.

I believe fitness is an incredibly powerful catalyst for improving your life and for me, it was THE biggest one.

So what is your excuse? I know that if I can turn my life around, you can too…So do it.


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