As you slowly climb out of bed on yet another cold and dark morning, you make your way into the bathroom to start your day. And as you get undressed to get in the shower, you glance up hesitantly at the mirror.

You already know what you’ll see staring back at you and you don’t like it.

You haven’t liked it for years.

Your significant other loves you with or without those protruding love handles and copious amounts of belly flab, but you don’t. You fucking hate it.


Why is is that we as middle aged men hate our expanding stomachs and ever growing girths? Is it because we know that it’s detrimental to our health and may one day cause us to stroke out?

Is it because our cholesterol is over 200 and our physician tells us we need to trim some fat and clean up our diets?

Or is it something else? Something more innate and primitive?

In today’s video, I discuss the reason I believe men want need to get into shape.

Do you agree/disagree? Please share your thoughts in the comments.



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