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We’re dads. We have extremely busy lives. We usually have many more things to do than we have time.¬† And it’s kicking our asses.

We are losing the war on obesity and crappy health and it’s because we allow life and all its stresses to take us down. I lived that way for years and know all too well the damage it can cause.
So many of us fall into bad habits when life gets hectic, and it always gets hectic at some point.

We stop at McDonald’s because we run out of time. We binge watch Netflix because we’re trying to forget about our soul sucking jobs for a few hours. We make excuses and convince ourselves that we’re too busy to go to the gym.

And it goes on and on…

But it’s not working. It’s never worked and it’s getting worse. I see middle-aged dads every day that are grossly overweight, don’t take care of themselves, and are struggling to walk up a flight of stairs.

The only way this will change is if you stop using your busy life as an excuse to be mediocre. Some of the busiest people in the world make time for their health and so can you and I.
My hope is that you listen to today’s show and decide to make a change.

This is life or death here, my friend.


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