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There is something to be said for showing up to the gym when you don’t want to. There is something to be said for checking off the “I did something healthy” boxes each day too.
And once in a while that’s fine. But it doesn’t work long-term and here’s why.

Doing the bare minimum in the gym (or anywhere else) is never going to give you great results. If you’re fine with that, then OK. If you want amazing results, you have to work hard and work with a purpose.

I’ve seen so many men over the year struggle to make any real progress despite working out, eating sensibly, and taking care of their health.
And many times it’s nothing more than a lack of real effort in the gym. Sure, food is always going to be #1 when it comes to changing your body, but half-assing it in the gym isn’t going to build much strength or muscle.

It’s easy to wander around the gym looking for open machines or to try a random YouTube workout, but it’s not going to do much for you. It’s also easy to continue to do the same exercises over and over, for months on end even, because you like them or they are familiar.

So here are some ideas that are going to help you get focused and start training with intention and purpose, because it does make a BIG difference.

  • Know what you’re doing before you set foot in the gym.
  • Have a specific goal you’re working towards. Maybe it’s an OCR or 5k run, it doesn’t matter. Find something that excites you.
  • Have a strong reason to train. It’s a very personal thing and you need to figure it out. Use that to inspire you when you don’t feel like pushing yourself.
  • Find what type of training motivates you. If you hate going into a gym, don’t do it! Go outside, join a class, or figure out what you actually like to do. Enjoyment is very important when it comes to getting fit and staying there.
  • Put your ass on the line. Throw down a challenge. Post publicly that you’re going to make a change. Get accountable to someone or a group. Find your tribe (we have the Inner Circle) and let them motivate you to be better.
  • Use music to get you fired up to train. I put on Slayer when I want to crush it in the gym. It works!
  • Don’t be content with being average. Push harder than you did yesterday.

One of my favorite quotes is “don’t let good enough be good enough” and it fits perfectly for how you train your body.

Be better than mediocre, you’re worth it.

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