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The food and diet industry want us to be fat.

There are billions of dollars to be made on highly processed, low quality foods and they’re taking full advantage of it. Walk into any grocery store and you’ll find upwards of 40,000 items, most of which are junk. The food industry spends more than 7 billion dollars a year advertising this crap to us.

Look at the most popular weight loss programs out there. They all have astronomically high fail rates. 84% of Weight Watchers members fail and end up back in their system, adding more money to their bottom line. Is it a coincidence that Nestle owns Jenny Craig or that the same company that owns Slim Fast owns Ben & Jerry’s or that Pepsi owns Naked Juice? These companies don’t give a shit about our health, they are in this for profit alone.

But I’m not laying all the blame of them. We still have control over what we choose to put int our mouths despite the constant marketing and advertising of junk food we see day in and day out.
The problem is that we can’t seem to say no.

But if it were just as simple as making a better choice and saying no to unhealthy foods, we’d all be fit. But the fact is that we’re dealing with very smart people spending massive amounts of time and money learning and tweaking how to manipulate our brains and sell us their food.

And we’ve been conditioned to buy it, eat it, and want more of it.

This is obviously a HUGE topic and I can’t hope to even make a dent, but I can at least share my thoughts and hopefully open your eyes to what we’re up against.

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