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Just one week into our OFA fat loss challenge in the Inner Circle, the results are already very clear. Now you don’t have to be part of this challenge to experience the same benefits as I’ve seen and it’s as simple as following a few very basic principles.

This is what we’re doing:

1. Training daily. Nothing crazy or too time consuming, just consistent effort.

2. Following a simple, whole food approach to eating. We cut out all the processed junk and fast food and are eating only high quality food.

3. Drinking 90-128 oz. of water daily. Simple right?

4. Daily mobility work. We spend maybe 10 minutes a day stretching and improving range of motion.

That’s literally it.

The men in the challenge are dropping weight, feeling great, and motivated to keep pushing. Personally, I’m sleeping a ton better and my energy is through the roof.

Up until the challenge, I was eating pretty crappy and drinking too many Coke’s and felt lousy most of the time. Now it’s a whole different feeling and I’m not going back.

So whether you’ve been off for a while or just need a swift kick in the butt, just start with these few basics and stick with them and you’ll definitely start making some progress quickly.

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