If you’ve ever exercised for a period longer than a month or two, then you probably understand what it means to hit a plateau. It’s basically when your body has adapted to what you’ve been doing and all those sweet gains you were making suddenly disappear.

No exercise program, regardless of how good it is, will work indefinitely. As a matter of fact, most programs are good for somewhere between 4-8 weeks before you need to change it up.

It’s no wonder we see the same people doing the same exercises month after month, year after year, and they look the exact same! Our bodies are incredibly adept machines and it doesn’t take long before it recognizes the movement patterns and adapts.

Mix It Up

In order to keep improving your performance, cardiovascular capacity, strength, flexibility or anything else, you MUST change things up. There are so many ways to keep your body guessing and in today’s video, I discuss 8 ways to do exactly this!

Here they are:

  1. Change your workout every 4-8 weeks
  2. Avoid starvation mode
  3. Cut your calories
  4. Increase the quality of your foods
  5. Change your macros
  6. Change the length/type/intensity/frequency of exercise
  7. Change your meal timing
  8. Use HIIT

As you can see most of these are not even exercise related. It’s more about keeping your body guessing and constantly challenging it. So if you are eating high quality foods and hit a plateau and then decide to eat shit for a month in order to change your diet, that won’t really work. You must change for the better or at least laterally.

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